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    JAPON dance project 2016 Tokyo

    In the midst of the reality which we are destined to keep going,

    modern mythology unfolds in the body that keeps moving.

    The edge cuts through the time and space,

    with the raging harmony of Move and Still.


    27+28/8/2016, 2pm

    @Playhouse, New National Theatre Tokyo

    "...the void we have discovered was a glitch in the time-space.

    We named it "the Park", and placed a tree to start the observation process..."


    2 years after highly acclaimed performance "CLOUD/CROWD",

    JAPON dance project will make its return at the New National Theatre Tokyo!


    JAPON dance project:

    Naoya Aoki, Yasuyuki Endo, Hokuto Kodama,

    Mimoza Koike, Masahiro Yanagimoto


    Guest dancers:

    Daisuke Omiya, Ayako Ono, Yasutake Shimaji,

    Akimitsu Yahata, Yui Yonezawa


    Lighting: Akiyo Kushida

    Sound:Kosei Ueda

    Scenography/Costume: Shizuka Hariu

    Stage manager:Shotaro Chiba


    In May 2013, Le Logoscope – the centre for mixed media artistic research based in the Principality of Monaco – hosted the JAPON Dance Project.


    JAPON Dance Project was formed by five top-flight Japanese dancer/choreographers – Mimoza KOÏKE (Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo), Yasuyuki ENDO (Ballet National de Marseille), Naoya AOKI (freelance dancer/choreographer), Masahiro YANAGIMOTO (freelance dancer/ choreographer), and Hokuto KODAMA (Royal Swedish Ballet). All five are involved in the world of professional dance, either internationally or in Japan. JAPON Dance Project is a platform for research, collaboration, creativity and intergenerational transmission, set within the framework of contemporary choreographic practices and Japanese culture.


    JAPON Dance Project is a kind of floating island where Japanese culture imagines itself both here and elsewhere. The artists’ physical distance from one another has led them to focus on the internet as their central communication tool. Within this system of digital interconnectivity, they explore the dramatic quality of the choreographed narratives that their unique personalities convey.


    The project is in perpetual motion, and its founders regularly collaborate with other guest artists from Japan. In the spirit of knowledge-sharing, their research and choreographic productions give rise to performances, videos, residencies, workshops, and internships for young dancers.


    Following three residencies (from May to August 2013) in Marseille, Monaco et Tokyo, JAPON Dance Project presented "Le Paradis des fourmis" at ESDC Rosella Hightower in Cannes on 24 and 25 August 2013: a Production-Manifesto by the five founders in two acts that marks a very important step in the evolution of their project, and that in some ways anticipates the major production they will present in Tokyo on 30 and 31 August 2014.



    Yasuyuki Endo 

    Ballet National de Marseille

    In 1991, he joined Star Dancers Ballet in Tokyo. '94-'96 he joined the Australian Ballet where he danced as soloist in works by Maurice Bejart and Stephen Baynes. He also choreographed "Distance" in the same period. Later, Yasuyuki received the 10th Muramutu Award in Japan. In '99, He joined Charleroi Danses plan-k in Belgium, and at the same time he worked with Saburo Teshigawara. In 2005, He joined Ballet National de Marseille (BNM) as a soloist dancer/rehearsal directer. As a choreographer, he created several pieces for BNM, also he is active as a guest choreographer internationally. In 2011, he founded All Nippon Ballet Gala, a charity dance gala for the disaster in Tohoku, Japan. More than 40 star dancers in Japan participated to this project, in order to raise funding for those affected by the disaster.


    mimoza koike

    Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

    From 1998 to 2000 Mimoza studied dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Lyon, graduating with distinction. She continued her training at the Jeune Ballet du Conservatoire de Lyon, and in 2001, she joined the Ballet du Grand Théâtre in Geneva. In 2003 she entered Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, directed by Jean-Christophe Maillot, where she currently dances as a principal dancer.  Mimoza Koïke’s superb artistry and unique technical abilities have also led her to dance pieces by choreographers such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Jiri Kylián, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Emio Greco, and Alexander Ekman, among others. Since 2007, she has developed her skills as a choreographer and created numerous pieces. Mimoza Koïke has been the artistic director of Le Logoscope’s performing arts platform since 2010.


    Naoya Aoki

    Freelance dancer/choreographer

    Naoya Aoki is a Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer who has developed his own dance method through mixing body work to his Jazz/Ballet/Modern dance training. After dancing as freelance dancer in Tokyo for several years, he took a part in starting up the company "Noism" of Jo Kanamori in 2004. During his time in Noism, he has taken an important role in the company and also worked as rehearsal assistant. After returning to become freelance again, he has broaden his working relationship, and has been gaining huge trust from many dance creators. In recent years, Naoya has been creating his own works, based on his own method and originality.



    masahiro yanagimoto

    Freelance dancer/choreographer

    Before moving to Europe, Masahiro Yanagimoto had danced mainly in classical ballets in Kansai area of Japan.
    In 1998, he moved to Germany to join Staadtheater Braunshweig ('98-'00), and then to Munchen Dance Theater(Soloist, '00-'02). He relocated his base to Netherland in 2002 to work for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam('02), Conny Jansen Danst('03-'04) and Galili Dance('04-'06) among others. He has then moved back to Japan, and been freelancing since 2006.Masahiro is a co-founder of ”C/Ompany” since 2006, and his own choreographic group "+81" since 2011.


    hokuto kodama

    The Royal Swedish Ballet

    Started his ballet training under his parents, and after winning international ballet competitions, he moved to study at San Francisco Ballet School in 2000. In 2001, he started his professional career, and danced with The Alberta Ballet (2001-2004,Canada), Les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montreal (First Soloist, 2004-2008), The Goteborg Ballet(2008-2012) and currently with Royal Swedish Ballet (First Soloist, 2012-present)
    He has been involved as founder of few dance projects, such as "Royal Collective" (Royal Swedish Ballet's research project), and his own "project POINT BLANK".


    Guest artists


       CLOUD/CROWD (2014)

    小野 絢子  Ayako Ono
    (National Ballet of Japan)



    八幡 顕光  Akimitsu Yahata
    (National Ballet of Japan)


    米沢 唯  Yui Yonezawa
    (National Ballet of Japan)


    小㞍 健太  Kenta Kojiri


    針生 康  Shizuka Hariu


    堀田 千晶 Horita Chiaki


    加藤三希央 Mikio Kato


    Davy Bergier



    宗 明美 Akemi Sou




    Our Japan premiere produced by The New National Theater of Tokyo was celebrated with full audience and superb response. With the new work CLOUD/CROWD, JAPON dance project has made impressive impact on Japanese dance scene.



    JAPON dance project 2014 Tokyo


    JAPON dance project: Yasuyuki Endo, Naoya Aoki, Masahiro Yanagimoto, Mimoza Koike, Hokuto Kodama

    Guest dancers: Kenta Kojiri, Yui Yonezawa, Ayako Ono, Akimitsu Yahata, Chiaki Horita, Mikio Kato


    Scenography: Shizuka Hariu

    Music: Davy Bergier

    Costume: Akemi So

    Lighting: Hisashi Adachi

    Stage Manager: Hajime Morioka


    Approx. 90min. including intermission.


    Photo: Naoya Ikegami



    3 chracteristic short pieces created by JAPON dance project. They go together as triple bill of 30 minutes, or each pieces can be performed individually.

    "Lilly" by: Masahiro Yanagimoto and Naoya Aoki      Length: approx 12min.  

    "0" by Hokuto Kodama   Length: approx 10min.

    "3 in Passacaglia" by Yasuyuki Endo   Danced by Yasuyuki Endo, Mimoza Koike and Masahiro Yanagimoto  Length: approx 9min.


    First collaborative creation by JAPON dance project. The piece portrays those who are trying hard simply to live their life. A touch of cynical humour and sorrow. Premiered in Cannes, France, 2013. 

    "Le Paradis des Fourmis" by Yasuyuki Endo, Mimoza Koike, Masahiro Yanagimoto, Naoya Aoki, Hokuto Kodama  

    Length: approx 45min. 


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    JAPON dance project is hosted by Le Logoscope.

    Le Logoscope
    Centre for mixed media research based in the Principality of Monaco

    Chair: Agnès Roux
    Secraitaire Julien Cellario
    Treasurer: Marie Bourgeois
    Artistic Director - Visual arts platform: Agnès Roux
    Artistic Director - Sound arts platform: Micha Vanony
    Artistic Director - Performing arts platform: Mimoza Koike
    Artistic Director - Textile arts platform: Alain Pierimarchi



    JAPON dance project/Performing arts platform

    Manager: Noriko Bonafede Katayanagi

    Artists: Naoya Aoki, Yasuyuki Endo, Hokuto Kodama, Mimoza Koike, Masahiro Yanagimoto

    Responsible for communication, artistic advisor: Agnès Roux